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Unlocking Potential 

Organizing a School Inside a Prison

Unlocking Potential Cover.jpeg

Hilderbrand’s books are available at a significant discount (up to 25% off) if you wish to provide them as gifts to event attendees. Hilderbrand will also agree to a book signing (no additional charge) for your attendees following his presentation(s).

Dive into the heart of urban education, where the overlooked voices of incarcerated students echo with power and resilience. Unlocking Potential: Organizing a School Inside a Prison goes beyond the conventional, unraveling the struggles and triumphs within the neglected corners of our nation's public schools. 


Against the backdrop of Philadelphia’s correctional facilities—one of the largest jail systems in the United States, Hilderbrand Pelzer III unveils a riveting narrative that sets this book apart. It's not just about the school-to-prison pipeline; it's a profound exploration of Pelzer's invaluable perspective on urban education. Discover how education can be the beacon of change, transcending the walls that confine young minds. 


Heralded by the Midwest Book Review as "strongly recommended for those in charge of the education of imprisoned youth" and a "guide" for those facing educational challenges, this book is more than words on paper—it's a springboard for a deeper conversation about K–12 education. Each chapter is a journey through inspiring stories and insights, empowering educators at every level to tackle urban education challenges head-on and spark positive transformation. 


Get ready to unlock the potential of every student and revolutionize the way we perceive education. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

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